Limoneira Company has been growing in Ventura County since 1893. Its founders were pioneers of spirit and vision that helped lay the foundations of a thriving California citrus industry. Their dedication and innovation in the agricultural industry helped found and develop many institutions that exist today.

The formation of Limoneira Company had its beginnings when Nathan W. Blanchard and Wallace L. Hardison purchased 413 acres of land from J.K. Gries in 1893. The company was named Limoneira, meaning lemon lands in Portuguese. The primary crops were lemons, Valencia oranges, and walnuts at that time.

Limoneira Company entered the new century with a growing work force and prosperity. The employment of C.C. Teague as the first General Manager in 1901 had a lasting impact on the development and success of the company. Teague's leadership and innovation set the standards for farming practices. C.C. Teague went on to become Chairman of Sunkist and founded many organizations including Diamond Walnut.

By the 1920's, the company's acreage under cultivation had quadrupled in less than 30 years and numerous building and expansion projects were underway. It was the solid base created in the previous 30 years and strong leadership that pulled the company through the Depression and the challenges of the 1940's. Despite these difficulties, the company continued to grow. In the years to come, Limoneira Company would provide leadership and direction in the growing California citrus industry.

Today, with rich agricultural lands and operations throughout California, the company has nearly 11,000 acres in agricultural production of lemons, avocados, oranges, specialty citrus, pistachios, pluots, and cherries. The foresight and innovation of Limoneira's founders remains strong today with Limoneira's continuous commitment to new technology and state of the art farming practices. Limoneira continues to lead industry, by setting farming standards and providing solid leadership grounded in years of experience.

Section 1 - Background and Warm-up

Section 2 - Community Concept

Please consider the following community concept and corresponding land plan below:

This new master-planned community would be built on approximately 500 acres of rolling foothills in Ventura or Western Los Angeles County, a short drive from the Pacific Ocean and Ventura County’s leading cultural facilities. It is envisioned as a distinct “new town” community in that in addition to homes, it would also include services, schools and amenities – most everything you need for day-to-day living.

Approximately 1,500 homes are planned, ranging in size from smaller townhomes and patio homes to larger detached homes on a variety of home site sizes. Corresponding to the large variety of homes will be a wide array of home prices; all of which will be appropriate for the area. The “look and feel” of the community, along with architectural styles of the homes will be planned to complement the local Mediterranean climate.

In addition to a variety of home types, the community is currently planned to include:

  • Walking, hiking and bike paths, not only within the community but also into bordering National Forest Lands
  • A series of "walkable" neighborhoods, interconnected through a series of parks, greenbelts, paseos and plazas
  • A community clubhouse and swimming pool(s)
  • New schools and religious facilities
  • Athletic and community facilities including 40 acres of baseball and soccer fields
  • New retail, healthcare and general service facilities

Section 3 - Home preferences

Section 4 - Location preferences

Potential Community Locations

Location A - Santa Clarita

Location B - Santa Paula

Location C - Camarillo

Location D - Moorpark

Location E - Simi Valley

Section 5 - Demographics

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