Embrace the summer spirit and get ready to step up to the plate with our electrifying Catch the Citrus Wave™ campaign! Our vivacious lineup embodies the exhilaration of a day at the ballpark, featuring vibrant citrus characters that will have you ready to swing for the fences and hit a home run. “This season, organic and Meyer lemons join the roster, adding an extra zing to the sun-soaked vibe alongside our zesty classic lemon, lime, orange, and mandarin selections,” said Susan Jones-Ng, Director of Global Sales and Citrus Marketing.

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with our dynamic packaging, showcasing our funky citrus characters that are simply sensational. Each pack boasts a playful design celebrating the diversity of our lineup and capturing the vibrant energy of summer activities. Infusing vibrancy and vitality into your produce section, our innovative packaging combination serves as a beacon of freshness and excitement. Plus, with a convenient QR code, connect with our Catch the Citrus Wave™ landing page for recipes, games, coloring activities, and sustainability initiatives.

From May to August, dive into our summer social media sweepstakes and score big with prizes, including Stanley Cups® with the perfect grip to ensure you keep hold even if you slide into home plate. Don’t miss out on these fantastic beach-themed treats on our Instagram (@LimoneiraCo), and make sure to follow us to snag some legendary prizes!

Also, this summer, you can find us in the dugout with the Santa Paula Girls Softball because, like a well-executed double play, citrus and women empowerment make for a winning combination. As a proud sponsor, Limoneira is stepping up to the plate to support these fierce athletes.

Catch the Citrus Wave™ makes citrus shopping a breeze, ensuring you have a blast even in the scorching summer heat. Just look for our fantastic packaging in a store near you and join in on the fun!

For more details, reach out to your local sales representative, and we’ll make sure to touch base before the next inning starts.

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