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Three phases of cabernet plantings in Windfall Farms rich soil are in process that will total over 400 acres. Windfall Farms is blessed with mild temperature, significant water and great conditions for growing this elegant full bodied wine.


– Windfall Farms Cabernet –

At the 2013 Cabs of Distinction Event held at Windfall Farms, six celebrated wine makers and Wine Enthusiast Magazine discussed the elements that distinguish Paso Robles Cabernet. They described the style of wines made from Cabernet in the Paso Robles AVA (American Viticultural Area) as brighter in flavor, naturally high in acidity and with tamer but rich tannins compared to wines from the state’s standard bearer for high quality Cabernet- Napa Valley. The defining characteristics of the Paso Robles terroir are the high diurnal temperature variance (as much as 50°F) and very limited soil nutrients in the generally calcareous, high-pH soil that controls the natural vigor of Cabernet vines. These factors help explain how a region with summer temperatures frequently hitting 100°F can produce vibrant wines that don’t need acidification.  It was also felt that ripeness could be achieved every year.


These celebrated winemakers noted that when Cabernet Sauvignon achieves ripeness, it is truly fantastic and felt that the soils in Paso Robles are very different compared to much of California.

The clay provides richness; the calcareous composition provides natural acidity. Furthermore, it was explained that it was possible to achieve all the ripeness needed without adding acid. A low level of rainfall in Paso compared to Sonoma and Napa counties is also an advantage. The opportunity here is that moisture doesn’t need to be dried out of the soil. Some of the wine makers pointed out that Napa’s growing conditions are not always ideal, and said that if Robert Mondavi would have built his winery in 1966 in Paso Robles instead of Napa, this would be the most famous wine region in California.

3 phases of vineyard plantings map


The Growth of Wine

Paso Robles is an emerging wine growing region and it brands from this region resonate with consumers. There are now over 120 wineries in Paso Robles and 26,000 vineyard acres. The Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance has established a 2.5 million national branding campaign to highlight the quality of wine from California’s 3rd largest and fastest growing wine regions. Most of the varieties are red which thrive in warm summer temperatures. Much of the production relates to Cabernet and Merlot.


AC Nielson supermarket data show more consumers are drinking red wines than white or blush. Reds now account for 43% of wines sold at retail, whites 42%, blush 15%. Ten years ago, reds accounted for only 25% of sales.

Windfall Farms Development Potential

Underlying Windfall Farms is a subdivision consisting of 76 lots of approximately 10 acres each. This subdivision was recorded in 1921 with unconditional certificates of compliance in place which offers a variety of development opportunities. Lots between 40 acres and 10 acres are currently available. The breathtaking setting combined with the world class facilities have the potential to become an exclusive agricultural or wine estate community in the heart of the Central Coast wine country.


Grape Industry Highlights

  • Total value for wine crops from California have risen for more than 30 years.
  • In last 10 years California Wine total shipments have increased 36%
  • In last 10 years California Wine export shipments have increased 71%
  • In the last 10 years estimated California Wine retail value has increased 48%
  • In last 10 years wine grape acreage has only increased 20%
  • In the last 10 years water availability for agriculture is on the decrease (Windfall has on site secure water source)
  • Coastal California has major restrictions on sub division capability of agriculture land (Windfall is secured with sub division i.e. grapes business has land bank alternative)
  • Production in 2011 only increased less than 1%
  • Non bearing acreage remains below 4%

Limoneira Windfall Farms Stallion Barn Paso Robles CA
Limoneira vineyards in Paso Robles Windfall Farms ranch
Windfall Farms in Paso Robles - Inside the barn
Limoneira Windfall Farms - horse out in the field by the barn at sunset - Paso Robles CA
Limoneira Windfall Farms at sunset - Paso Robles California
Windfall Farms - horses out in the field - Paso Robles CA
Limoneira Windfall Farms Stallion Barn Paso Robles CA at sunset
Limoneira Windfall Farms Barn mid day in Paso Robles CA

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