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Rosales SA is a leader in citrus and is headquartered in Chile. The Company was founded in 1959 by Don Edwardo Rosales Munizaga, in the city of La Serena, Coquimbo Region of Northern Chile.For almost 60 years, the Company has been operated by members of the Rosales family ensuring continuity in all aspects of the operation. The Company is a major global exporter of high quality produce.

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One World of Citrus™

ONE WORLD OF CITRUS™ , Limoneira’s global growth model is the Company’s commitment to becoming a global citrus supplier on a year-round basis (365 days a year) for our food service and retail customers around the world.

By establishing citrus sourcing capabilities in each of the citrus production areas in California and Arizona as well as in Mexico, Chile, Argentina and South Africa we can better manage the variabilities of supply caused by nature and deliver the freshest, highest quality, food safe, traceable and sustainably produced citrus to our customers around the world every day of the year.

This capability creates value for our customers around the world who are rewarding us with greater loyalty and patronage as our global supply chain capability improves.


As burgeoning middle-class economies develop globally, consumer demand continues to grow as more people have more disposable income and are using it to eat out in restaurants and shop in retail grocery stores at record levels around the world.

ONE WORLD OF CITRUS™ enables us to participate in the feeding of an increasingly hungrier world with the freshest citrus we can produce and source.

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