Workforce Housing

Workforce housing

Limoneira has always operated on the principle that all businesses, are only as successful as their employees—and that content employees are motivated employees. This explains why the company was one of the first agricultural employers to offer low-cost housing to those who do the hardest work of all. Limoneira properties now offer 241 homes for families of its ag workers.

In an on-going commitment to County Farm Workers, Limoneira has built 68 of the 74 new housing units that were approved by the Ventura County Planning Commission.

The majority of these units are located  in a newly created Aliso Village East neighborhood. The remaining units will be added to Limoneira’s existing Olivelands Court farm worker residential neighborhood.

In keeping with the Company’s century old commitment to sustainability, you will find all of the units located on the historic Limoneira Ranch. Employees live close to their work which reduces traffic and commuting times.

Agriculture is an important economic driver for California’s economy. Advocates say more homes for farm workers are desperately needed in Ventura County’s high-cost housing environment. Estimates suggest that more than 42,000 agricultural workers live in the county, many with young families. This new housing has helped relieve some of the housing pressure for those who labor to make agriculture possible.

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