See that slice of lemon in your sparkling water; that wedge alongside your fish or oysters? You’d never imagine going whole months without that essential, acidic accoutrement to your meals and drinks, and yet, it’s likely you’ve never considered how it is that you’re able to access lemons year-round, irrespective of where in the world you live, or what season it is.

Founded in 1893 in Ventura County, California, Limoneira (translating to ‘lemon lands’ in Portuguese) has both a rich history and rock-solid reputation within the industry. Harold believes that one thing that sets the business apart is how successful it is at “truly connecting” customers all the way back through the supply chain to its trees, and the trees of affiliated growers.

“That direct connection enhances traceability, food safety, quality and freshness, and gives our customers peace of mind that every day of the year, they’re going to be able to buy our high-quality, fully-traceable food-safe products,” he explains. “It makes them feel like they’ve gone out into their backyard and picked the citrus themselves. That’s very unique.”

None of us come to work to fail, but we all can learn from the challenges that we face.

When Harold was appointed Limoneira’s sixth CEO in 2003, he brought with him a wealth of experience spanning continents as well as industries, having lived and worked in Italy as the CFO of Ralston Purina and in the Philippines as Managing Director of Agribrands International’s Philippine operations. His biggest challenge upon joining the company was to “think about what we were going to do for the next 100 years to continue to make Limoneira relevant and successful”.

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