Harold Edwards, CEO of citrus grower and distributer Limoneira, knows what it takes to develop a sustainable, consumer-driven business model. But when the pandemic hit and demand from restaurants dried up, Limoneira had to make lemonade by leaning harder into alternative revenue streams. Harold has piloted 118-year-old Limoneira into a new era, leveraging existing assets into a real estate enterprise dedicated to supporting its workers and creating sustainable communities. In this discussion, Harold breaks down the key components behind his company’s success. We talk about the importance of maintaining a solid asset base, technological investment, and the brave new world of post-pandemic supply chain demands. For almost 30 years, Harold has been at the forefront of agribusiness; from VP to Director, he has developed marketing strategies and capital structures that have generated significant revenue, alongside delivering top-quality product around the globe. To find out more on how Harold and Limoneira are staying one step ahead of the curve, listen in.

Listen to Harold’s interview with Welcome to the Arena

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