Lemon & Orange Mousse

Two citrus flavors combine in this version of the classic dessert, mousse. The first step lies in making a thick curd from the fruit juices, then blending it with whipped cream for a rich treat. [...]

Lemon Turkey Scaloppini

Lemon and basil combine in the coating, with garlic, shallots and white wine in the sauce, to elevate what is really a simple dish to elegant gourmet fare. Lemon is the perfect element to blend [...]

Jack-O-Lantern Cocktail

The Jack-O-Lantern cocktail is a traditional favorite in October, and adds a warm touch to any festive party with its base of cognac and Grand Marnier. A dash of cinnamon around the rim adds [...]

Orange Pumpkin Pie

Orange livens up an old traditional favorite to create a new twist. Pumpkin pie is the staple of many holidays and special occasions. Our version blends spices, pumpkin, and orange in both the [...]

Orange Jelly Candy

Sweet orange jellies are a delicious and dessert and treat that’s lit up by the goodness of citrus. It’s a great addition to your Halloween festivities, but so easy to make that you’ll find [...]

Orange Spice Pulled Pork

You’ll need a 7-quart (or so) slow cooker – and some time – for this delicious recipe, but the results are oh so worth it. The pork shoulder will fall apart easily, cooked in a fragrant sauce [...]