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It’s both common sense and physics that anything not designed to go on forever won’t go on forever. The founders of Limoneira understood this concept more than a century ago. Intending to build a company which would far outlast them all, they implemented farming and business practices that would now fall under the heading of what’s called sustainability.

Having found success with sustainable practices in the past, Limoneira believes sustainability will help us address current and future challenging issues. Balancing this philosophy has allowed Limoneira to create a bridge between agricultural practices and sustainable community development.

Not only does sustainability address many environmental and social concerns, it offers innovative and economically viable opportunities for Limoneira, other growers, community planners, laborers, consumers and policy makers.

Today, Limoneira is continuing to bridge the past and the future through its stewardship. Limoneira employs sustainable practices in virtually each aspect of its day-to-day business and has made strategic investments in solar, water, soil and IPM (Integrated Pest management).

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