Solar Energy

Powered by the sun

In 2008, Limoneira completed two state-of-the-art solar projects. The first, at company headquarters in Santa Paula, CA., is a 5.5-acre photovoltaic orchard that generates a full megawatt of electricity.

Limoneira has 6 solar installations across the company. These produce a total 4.2M KW annually and will reduce 86,150 tons of CO2 over a 25 year period.

Limoneira is generating clean energy and capturing savings too. As energy costs continue to rise, the Company has locked in their electrical rates. The projects reduce their electrical costs from Southern California Edison by approximately 70%. An additional solar project is planned  which will add 1.5MWs on Limoneira’s packing house roof for 2.8M KW or a total of 7M KW annually. This will enable the Company to be 50% off the grid.

Santa Paula Solar Orchard

Ducor Solar Orchard

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