Citrus Flavonoids As A Prediabetes Treatment

An article in Nutritional Outlook, a scientific journal, looks at using citrus flavonoids to treat prediabetes. The article uses 13 primary research references to bolster its points.

What is prediabetes?

Simply put, prediabetes is a collection of conditions which, taken together, indicate the body’s diminishing ability to manage glucose levels. It’s the condition that comes before full-blown diabetes, and there may be no signs or symptoms that you notice as a patient.

  • One in three American adults are prediabetic with no symptoms;
  • Prediabetes is a precursor to type 2 diabetes;
  • According to estimates by the American Diabetes Association, about 70% of prediabetic adults will eventually develop type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes type 2 can lead to serious complications involving organs such as the eyes and kidneys, and add an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

  • Already in prediabetes, the body becomes unable to properly metabolize carbs;
  • Fasting blood sugar levels are higher than normal;
  • While still below the diabetic range, increased blood sugar triggers a cycle of oxidative stress and inflammation.

Citrus Flavonoid Superstars

Prediabetes is a reversible condition. Its cause is poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle, to a large degree. In addition to lifestyle changes, the article proposes the use of citrus flavonoids to supplement the restorative process.

Citrus flavonoids

  • Support antioxidant processes;
  • Have anti-inflammatory properties;
  • Helps to regulate the enzymes that influence glucose intake in the body;
  • In one research study, a blend of lemon flavonoids improved blood glucose levels and reduced insulin resistance.

Lifestyle changes are always the key to prediabetes treatment, but adding a daily portion of citrus – and lemons in particular – to your diet, always a good idea, may boost your chances of recovery.

The research is ongoing, but the results are promising.

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