Citrus And Muscle Mass

Researchers in Spain published a paper in the journal Food & Function (Issue 9, 2021) looked at the role of a flavonoid found in oranges and its role in improving muscle mass and reducing fat.

Orange Spice Baked Beans

Orange, herbs and spices liven up an old favorite in this recipe. Baked beans are a flavorful side dish, or a wonderful main for vegans. They’re good with breakfast, lunch or dinner, and a great [...]

Orange & Herb Tuna Steaks

Tuna steaks are light and take on the flavors of a good sauce – like this version based on orange juice, herbs and spices. Add some grilled veggies, and it’s a quick gourmet meal ready in no time [...]

Orange Rosemary Cupcakes

Cupcakes are the ideal way to indulge your love of cakes and fine desserts on a smaller scale. They’re easily shared and gifted, and saved for the next day’s lunch or tea break. This recipe [...]

Pummelo Tea

Pummelo tea is a tradition in China and Korea. It adds a significant vitamin C boost to your day, and in Asia, it’s used as a home remedy and treatment for colds and flus. The taste is fruity, [...]

Orange Glazed Nuts

Sweet, luscious oranges and your choice of spices add a layer of tasty goodness to pecans in this delicious recipe. Perfect for parties or time spent at home enjoying movies or TV, it includes a [...]

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