Orange Tofu Skewers

This vegan dish gets a kick of taste from orange and spice. Crispy tofu skewers are quick and easy to make – the longest part will be pressing the tofu and marinating. They make a delicious [...]

Vegan Orange-Infused Chilli

Beans are the basis for this rich vegan chilli recipe, with the heat of spices contrasted by the sweet tang of orange. It’s easy to make, and keeps well. In fact, you may find it tastes even [...]

Lemony Chickpea Curry

This vegan recipe is based on classic Indian dishes, using good for you chickpeas as the base. Naturally, there are spices to add fragrance and edge, and our version also adds the bright tang of [...]

Orange Spiced Rice

Sweet tangy orange and spices turn a side dish into a tasty sensation. The principle is easy – rice takes on the flavors of the liquid it’s cooked in, and there’s a virtually infinite number of [...]

Orange Couscous Salad

Bright, beautiful and full of goodness, this salad is the perfect antidote to a gloomy day. It adds a nutritional punch to your diet with a burst of flavors and textures. We begin by making the [...]

Orange Pomegranate Salad

Two luscious fruits come together for a salad that’s not only delicious, but unusually nutrient-dense. Unlike lettuce or greens based salads, where you’d simply add the ingredients to a bowl and [...]

Vegan Crepes Suzette

Eating vegan, whether it’s a lifestyle or a choice several days a week, doesn’t have to mean giving up on flavor or the foods you love. Crepes Suzette is a classic French dish of thin, sweet [...]

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