Orange Pomegranate Salad

Two luscious fruits come together for a salad that’s not only delicious, but unusually nutrient-dense. Unlike lettuce or greens based salads, where you’d simply add the ingredients to a bowl and [...]

Vegan Crepes Suzette

Eating vegan, whether it’s a lifestyle or a choice several days a week, doesn’t have to mean giving up on flavor or the foods you love. Crepes Suzette is a classic French dish of thin, sweet [...]

Lemon Coriander Soup

Light, vegan, and loaded with flavor, lemon coriander soup is an Indian dish. You can mix and match other veggies - it's a great way to use leftover beans or sweet corn. It's a great option for [...]

Vegan Orange Curd

Going vegan doesn’t mean having to give up all your favorites, including tangy orange curd. This version uses non-dairy milk, and achieves the same kind of creamy, delectable flavor and texture. [...]

Lemony Granola

Lemon, oats, seeds, nuts and spices come together in this delicious and healthy granola cereal. It’s a great start to your day, and a delicious snack later on, packed with vitamins, minerals, and [...]

Lemon, Garlic & Herb Beans

Here’s a flavorful dish than can be a vegan main or a hearty side dish for chicken or meat, or combined with other ingredients like shrimp or even pasta. It’s versatile, and freezes well for [...]

Lemon Pecan Cashew Bites

We love tasty dessert recipes that can be enjoyed without the guilt! These dairy-free and gluten-free Lemon Pecan Cashew Bites are the perfect summer treat! Made with a date pecan crust and a [...]

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