Chicken & Pummelo Salad

Pummelo is a staple in many cuisines, including Thailand’s delicious dishes. This salad is based on a traditional Thai recipe that blends the sweet-tart flavor of pummelo with crunchy nuts, [...]

Pummelo Tea

Pummelo tea is a tradition in China and Korea. It adds a significant vitamin C boost to your day, and in Asia, it’s used as a home remedy and treatment for colds and flus. The taste is fruity, [...]

Pummelo Dessert Bars

With a taste that’s sweeter and a gorgeous pink blush color, pummelo makes a tasty variation on the dessert bar, a perennial favorite on just about any occasion. The crust is a classic [...]

Pummelo Ginger Scallops

This recipe uses a variation of the classic brown butter sauce. Our version uses sweet-tart pummelo and the zing of fresh ginger to give seared scallops new flavor. It’s not difficult to make and [...]