Green Cleaning: Stain Removal With Lemon Juice

Lemon is a natural choice when it comes to removing stains from fabrics, ceramic, and even plastic. Lemon juice has a natural whitening action that can be enhanced by exposure to sunlight, making it a good alternative to harsh bleaches and other chemicals.

Stains on cotton or polyester fabrics
Unsightly stains are no match for the power of lemons to clean. Here’s to clean up with lemons.

i. Rust stains
This method can also work with anything organic from berry juice to ketchup to wine and even bodily fluids.
• Mix a paste with about equal parts lemon juice and cream of tartar.
• Rub over the stain.
• Let it sit for about 30 minutes.
• Rinse, then wash as usual.

ii. Greasy spots
• Squeeze fresh lemon juice over the greasy area.
• Allow the fabric to dry thoroughly.
• Wash in the laundry as you would normally, with like colors.

iii. Resistant stains
This may just save your favorite white shirt.
• Squeeze lemon juice directly on the stain.
• Sprinkle the same area with salt, and rub it into the fabric gently for a few minutes.
• Rinse out the salt, and squeeze a little more lemon juice on the area.
• Allow the shirt to dry in the sun, and leave it in the sun all day long if you can to add to the effect.
• At the end of the day, wash it as usual.

Stains on grout
Grout between tiles can easily become stained, particularly in the bathroom or kitchen, where most people use ceramic tile. Let lemons come to the rescue.

• Mix a paste with about equal parts lemon juice and salt.
• Apply the paste to the stained grout.
• Let it sit for about 30 minutes, and then scrub with an old toothbrush as you rinse.

Stains on plastic
From food storage containers to cutting boards to utensils, there are many plastic surfaces in the kitchen that become stained over time.

• Squeeze fresh lemon juice over the area – submerging it if you can.
• Let it soak for about 15 minutes or so.
• Scrub clean.

Stained tea or coffee cup
No matter how diligently you wash the cups, or what kind of super dishwashing detergent you use, you know that your tea or coffee cups become stained over time. Here’s what to do:

• Make a thick paste with about 1/3 fresh lemon juice to 2/3 baking soda.
• Scrub the inside of the cup with the paste.
• Don’t rinse right away – leave it on for about 10 minutes.
• Rinse clean.

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