Squeezing Lemon Juice Without Seeds

Leah Itsines, the younger foodie sister of fitness queen Kayla Itsines, has shared her simple trick for squeezing out lemon juice without getting any pesky seeds.

Instead of slicing the citrus fruit into halves or quarters, the cookbook author, from Adelaide, simply pierced the tip of the lemon with two wooden skewers from one end to the other.

The juice will come out through the hole you made with the skewers. When you’re done, you can place the lemon back in the fridge to use again later. 

‘I have an oldie but a goodie lemon hack. You can technically cut it in half and use it like a regular person, but in this household, we do things differently,’ Leah said in her amusing Instagram video. 

To juice the lemon, she started by microwaving it for just 30 seconds.

‘After you have done that, roll it against the bench using your palm and your wrist, just roll up and down,’ she explained, adding you need to roll it until it’s ‘squishy’.

Putting pressure on a lemon before you juice breaks down some of the citrus membranes and makes the outside a little more pliable for squeezing.  

She then pushed two skewers through the tip of the lemon, gently moving them in a circular motion, then taking them back out. 

Finally, she squeezed the hole directly into a shallow bowl without making any mess.

‘Oldie…. but so fun. I always microwave or roll my lemons before using, it gets loads more juice out,’ Leah said.

‘This just takes it an extra step and makes me laugh every time. Try it! It’s revolutionary.’

Her video has since been viewed more than 56,000 times with many revealing they didn’t know about the lemon hack using skewers.

‘Well I have never seen that before. Will have to try,’ one wrote, while another said: ‘I knew about the rolling but not about the skewering, genius and no pips!’

Many described her trick as ‘brilliant’ and a ‘great idea’ for those who don’t want to wash up things like a knife and chopping board after slicing a lemon.

‘I will definitely try this hack… I love this. Why have I never seen this before? Life changing,’ one said, while another joked: ‘I’m taking my citrus juicer back right now.’


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