Study: Lemon & Honey Fast May Help Reduce Weight

Researchers at the S-VYASA University in Bengaluru, and other institutions in India looked at short term fasting, a trendy term that may have real effects.

The study, published in 2016, specifically asks the question: Does short-term lemon honey juice fasting have an effect on lipid profile and body composition in healthy individuals?

  • The study used a total of 50 healthy participants – out of that, 44 completed the study;
  • The trial participants, members of a student body, were essentially isolated for the duration of the experiment to control variables;
  • They each received a 300-ml solution of a half lemon and a teaspoon of honey with 290-ml of water, 4 times a day, while consuming nothing else (fasting);
  • The regimen lasted four days, and assessments were performed both before and after.

They based the concept of their study on existing research that shows an inverse relationship between the blood plasma levels of Vitamin C and obesity – in other words, the higher the level of Vitamin C, the less likelihood of obesity. They note that both lemons and honey demonstrate antioxidant activity.

The researchers posit that the fasting regimen could be of use in prevention of hypertriglyceridemia.

What they found after only four days:

  • Reduction in weight;
  • Reduction in body mass index (BMI);
  • Reduction in fat mass;
  • Reduction in total serum triglycerides.

The one area that was not significantly affected was total serum cholesterol, which remained comparable to the baseline established before the regimen.

Next Steps

The study proved to be both safe and effective as a short term strategy. Since the study focused on a short term fast, more research is needed to both confirm the results, and establish what, if any, longer term effects may occur.

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