Three Citrus Centerpiece Ideas

Bright, beautiful, and deliciously fragrant, citrus fruits make a natural choice when it comes to creating a stunning centerpiece, no matter what the occasion. It’s easy to brighten even everyday dinner tables, and when it comes to the holidays, your imagination is the only limit.

A Rustic Touch

This centerpiece idea uses homespun materials, and would look terrific on a wooden table, or richly colored runner or tablecloth. It’s suitable for everyday.

6 to 8 pieces of fruit, depending on size
Handful of greens, can be natural evergreens or faux

  • Simply arrange the fruits and greens in layers, striving for balance overall when it comes to distribution.
  • The really creative part lies in how you combine the elements


  • Lemons with green ferns;
  • Oranges studded with cloves, pine cones and holly for holidays;
  • Blood oranges and dark green faux leaves;
  • A combination of lemons and limes with red or green faux leaves;
  • Lemons or oranges with fronds of rosemary or thyme.

An Elegant Touch

It’s easy to upgrade the everyday look for special occasions, and even formal events.

  • Substitute glass or ceramic bowls for the baskets;
  • Use holly leaves or fresh herbs;
  • Add silver or gold accents, such as small balls or other ornaments.

Sliced Fruit Centerpiece

This idea clearly has a shorter lifespan than those which leave the fruit whole, but it’s a very eye catching way to use the inner beauty of citrus fruits.

Note: You’ll need two tall glass vases with a fairly straight design, so that one can fit into the other.

8 fruits
1 glass vase, 8-inches in diameter
1 glass vase, 10-inches in diameter
A bouquet of flowers in a complementary color

  • Cut the fruits in slices of about 1/4-inch, excluding the ends.
  • Place the smaller glass vase inside the larger one – that space between them is where you’ll place the fruit.
  • Arrange the fruit by sliding the slices in layer by layer, starting at the bottom, and continuing all the way to the top of the vases.
  • Use wire to secure the bouquet, and insert it into the inner vase.
  • Fill both gradually with water as you adjust for the position of the flowers.


  • Lime slices with lots of greens and blue flowers;
  • Blood orange slices with red flowers;
  • Lemons and limes with daffodils;
  • Oranges with lilies.

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