Yamaguchi Fresh Lemon Skin and Hair Beauty Tips

Brighten Skin Using Lemons


Stimulates collagen production and makes the skin

tighter and brighter.  Apply freshly squeezed juice on clean face

every evening.  Upon rising, rinse with alternating cold and warm

water. Pat skin dry with clean towel. Spray on freckles if you

desire to lighten.


Exfoliate Dead/Dry Skin


Fresh squeezed Limoneira ®  lemon juice

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

5 Teaspoons sugar + 1 teaspoon honey

Mix and apply to the face of the dry area.

Massage in circular motions

Rinse with warm water.

Pat skin dry with a clean towel


Prevent Oily Skin


Apply Limoneira®  lemon juice to oily areas.

Skin must Be dry.  Pat juice on affected areas and rinse

With alternating warm and cool water.


Lemon Based Moisturizer


1 Juice of one Limoneira ® lemon

1 Tablespoon honey

1 Tablespoon coconut oil

Mix well –apply always only on clean skin

Leave 15 minutes.  Rinse with warm water.

Pat dry


Lemons for Youthful Hands and Feet



Add Limoneira ® lemon juice + lemon oil to water

A splash of vodka or sake softens the skin

Slice one lemon in half. Cut through the

Pulp, but not through the skin

Cut again crossways

Place the cut ½ lemon on your heel

Wrap with a warm wet towel and let soak

Make a scrub with lemon juice and salt

for feet and sugar with lemon juice for



Place lemon pulp on any callus or dry

area to soften. Leaven on for 10-15 minutes

while you

Relax. Use callus file gently to remove

Callus. Add lemon oil to lotion for clean and

moisturized skin.


Lemons are excellent for daily use—great

astringent for face, back, and chest


Lemons used daily to cleanse face will remove

blackheads and keep skin looking smooth

and fresh.  Treats infections and skin

conditions caused by bacteria and germs


Lemons for Your Hair


Oily scalp: Apply juice of lemon to scalp and

massage before shampooing.


Add lemon juice to water in spray bottle.  Spray

on hair before going in the sun to lighten hair.


Beautiful sun-kissed highlights courtesy of the sun

+ lemons. You control where and how many.


If your hair has been lightened and your base is

growing out dark, add juice to the base.  Leave on

for at least an hour before washing.  It won’t

damage your hair, but you will need to control how

light it gets.

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