Lemon & Carrot Soup

Here’s a recipe that will warm hearts on cool days, and is packed with both nutrition and flavor. The sweetness of carrots and tangy lemon play off against each other, while ginger and other [...]

Lemon Carlota

This classic Mexican-style frozen dessert or treat is super easy to make. It’s a kind of frozen lemony version of trifle. You can also vary the format as you wish, and make it as squares or a pie.

Whiskey Sour Marmalade

Tart and sour, this marmalade tastes like a whiskey sour. It’s made with a blend of lemons and limes, and a splash of bourbon for the kick. If you prefer a sweeter spread, you can add up to a [...]

Lemon Chicken Curry

The combination of lemon and a fragrant bouquet of spices makes this a memorable dish that will fill your home with its aroma. It’s based on an Indian dish that is comfort food to many. One [...]

Frozen Lemon Bars

Light, tart, and oh-so creamy, these frozen lemon bars are a warm weather delicacy that you’ll find yourself craving year-round. It begins with a graham cracker crust, then a mix of lemon curd, [...]