Orange Seared Scallops

Seared scallops are delicious, and impressive enough for guests. Yet, they’re also pretty easy to prepare, and with the help of oranges and spice, also easy to dress up for a flavorful dish.

Orange Cherry Scones

The sweet tang of oranges and rich red cherries add both flavor and texture to classic scones in our version of the tea time classic. The addition of orange also adds moisture to the mix, so you [...]

Chilled Lemon & Peach Soup

Chilled soups are a delicious way to eat light in hot weather. Our version is based on a blend of sweet peach and tangy lemon, with a kiss of spices and herbs to add to the blend. Add a salad, [...]

Japanese-Style Orange Cake

A little heavier than a chiffon cake, and lighter than Japanese cheesecake, this orange cake is based on the Japanese Ogura cake. It’s light, and lit up with the tangy flavor and goodness of [...]

Orange Chicken Stew

This flavorful recipe is based on Middle Eastern traditions. In Iran, it’s known as Khoresht Nâranj, and variations can be found from Morocco to Spain, wherever oranges grow. Our version uses [...]