Vegan Crepes Suzette

Eating vegan, whether it’s a lifestyle or a choice several days a week, doesn’t have to mean giving up on flavor or the foods you love. Crepes Suzette is a classic French dish of thin, sweet [...]

Lemon Banana Popsicles

Cool, luscious popsicles are the perfect accompaniment to warm, sunny days – at the same time, they’ll brighten up even the dreariest day. Our version uses Greek yogourt and fresh fruits to [...]

Spicy Lemon Seafood Soup

Rich in flavor, this delicious soup has a gourmet flair – and it comes together in about 30 minutes. First, the broth is enriched with lemon, spices and herbs, becoming the perfect foil for [...]

Mandarin “Popsicle”

We love sneaking in vitamin C anywhere we can, which is why these mandarin oranges are perfect! One mandarin contains about 30-40% of your daily value, which is great for supporting your immune [...]

Lemon Coriander Soup

Light, vegan, and loaded with flavor, lemon coriander soup is an Indian dish. You can mix and match other veggies - it's a great way to use leftover beans or sweet corn. It's a great option for [...]